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dimarts, 4 d’octubre de 2011

Practical Magic Tribute (Part II)

There are lots of things in my life that it looks like the movie; little things from my family, specially from my mother, and I want to show you through several weeks.

You already know that we have a simple and really beauty cottage house near France. My mother found it, love it, and made it a warm "home".

This tattings were in the house when we arrived, seven years ago.  The house was dark and dirty, and we had to clean a lot and to paint with bright colours (tattings included!).

My last work this summer was this ladder in wood and painted in this "greek" blue (I say this since I visited the Greek islands, hahaha!). I looks good, I think! But I had a very bad back muscle spasm after painting it... It worthwhile. You can breathe a romantic atmosphere.

See you soon.


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