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dimecres, 14 de desembre de 2011

Vintage Christmas Cards

Here you have some vintage christmas drawings to make cards as you like. Enjoy it!


dimecres, 7 de desembre de 2011

Christmas colouring pages for children

My daughter and I, we have been painting together for a while and we enjoyed it. Here you have a little sample.

You can find all these drawings in:


dilluns, 5 de desembre de 2011

Decorating a tree for Christmas

There's a few days for Christmas! It seems more, but the time flies away! We must hurry to decorate our home, maybe in light blue and white, maybe in silver, maybe with the rainbow colors... but I prefer dark green, red and gold!

I think I like it because it's warmth. Don't mind if you don't have a fireplace, you can put on a lovely christmas tree with warm lights and sit on the sofa in the dark, only with the lights tree clarity.

I will show you my Christmas Tree as soon as possible!


dijous, 1 de desembre de 2011

The first step to Christmas

Christmas is coming. We were waiting all the year for this moment. And it's a nice time specially for my family. The last year we start christmas with a bad new: my husband had cancer. Now it's already ok, but  I cannot help feeling something inside of me, like that you feel when you are in a Roller Coaster.

I'm going to celebrate the birth of my Lord, but this year I'm going to be very happy to have my husband by my side, healthy, strong, happy! This Christmas will be quiet. This Christmas will be happy for lots of reasons. And my heart is beside all the people that are crossing times like mine.


divendres, 11 de novembre de 2011

Practical Magic Tribute VI

There are little details in our house that we have been searching, choosing and placing in with a lot of care. We hung on the door of a bedroom a little embroidered cushion, in linen, from France.

One day, we found a nice lampshade, in blown glass, in an old store in barcelona. We didn't put any lampshade until we found the appropriate one.

In a lively corner of my sister's room we can see a restored old rocking chair, picked up from the garbage . It's a piece that remains very well in any room of the house and we change it of place when we have need.
Downstairs! Be careful! It's very dangerous!
There is an specially shaped step when you begins to go down the stairs, and it's very easy to stumble and fall, especially among the elderly.

Apart from that, I think the vermilion of the steps looks good in contrast with the white walls.
The staircase was painted by my mother, with patience (and effort!). Today we take care of the details we put into it.

And these are the details that we find out in our beautiful bewitched house.

See you soon!


divendres, 28 d’octubre de 2011

Happy Halloween Tonight!

We're waiting for a spell to keep the table full of candies, cupcakes, cakes, sweets, cookies, chocolate... and more.
This one is me, working hard to find the perfect spell.
We are all together, daughters, husbands, friends, witches, trolls, pixies and magic.

  And also my beloved "zobie-sister", of course!

And having fun with our grandmother and a family's friend, like little dolls smailing.

We are a witched family, with witched friends and witched husbands! Lots of kisses and blessins from Spain! Have fun and enjoy scares!

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