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divendres, 23 de setembre de 2011

Practical Magic Tribute

You know, that I like a way of life, a style, some things like candels, rain, thunders, little flowers, laces, straw hats, sweet colors, magical environements... And one day, I found it in the movie.

My mother made ​​me love the little details of rustic cottages.

I like very much photography and I want to show you small pieces of my life that resemble the magical movie style.

You can see my mother's hand with a lavender bouquet above.

Here there are my my daughter and my niece, two little flowers that are already witches.

There are some corners in this cottage house that we can perceive as a part of the movie: little glass cups, a window wet of rain, a sign for the bathroom and a basket for potatos purchased in the south of France.

Here you can see a cross to ward off spirits, a holy water little font, and a bell to call... witches!!!

... A ceramic vase with lavender that brought me my mother, a butterfly in yellow brass... and me, happy as always and with an aura of magic!

I hope you like it


24 comentaris:

  1. What a wonderful party this is!!
    Love this movie!!

  2. I want a bell like yours now. Your little witches are cute!

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos with us! I particularly love the little glass cups!

    Thanks for having me by!

    Charlotte :)

  4. A beautiful party you are having and the cutest little witches.

  5. Such Darling photos !! And I ♥ the woven cross...
    Your Mamas hands are beautiful !
    Very nice post !!

  6. I love the sense of familial continuity you've put in this post. Magical indeed!

  7. Thank you for inviting us to your party. I can feel the magic in your home. We have a bell like that at our door too!

  8. What a lovely post you put together for the party. Your dear little Witches are adorable, and I do so love the wonderfully magical objects you have around your cottage. Thank you for the tour of your home and sharing with us.

    Bright and beautiful day to you,

  9. What a wonderful party! Your little witches are adorable!

  10. how wonderful! I love the sharing of your home and family!

  11. Thank you for sharing your post with all of us to celebrate the magic of Practical Magic! Lovely to visit with you!

    LuLu Kellogg

  12. I had a great time at your party. I loved everything about it. Very well put together. Thank you forlettingme visit. I am hoping that you will visit me:

  13. I can hear myself ringing that bell!

  14. Well those are the two cutest little witches I have ever seen. Very sweet post. Hope you can stop by my enchanted oven and share some PM cookies.

  15. What a lovely party post! Your little witches are adorable and I love all your "magical" items. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Thank you so much. I had a wonderful visit. You have a sweet little witch ; )
    Beautiful things you have in your home.
    Have a magical day.

  17. What sweet photos -- and it was especially nice to get to know you. :)

    Magical Times,

  18. such a sweet post. I love it thank you so much for having me. Have a magical weekend

  19. Such cute little witches and you look lovely with the light shining on you, it does indeed look magical.

    Thank you so much for sharing so many lovely things in your home.

  20. lovely post, I can just smell that lavender bouquet and your little witches are so cute. I will follow to look at some more of your photos.

    J x

  21. Hello, I am visiting form the Practical Magic Blog party. :D Lovely post!

  22. Your wonderful cottage is truly enchanting with all the little touches that bring magic into your life. My favorite photo is the first one with your mother and your 2 little witches are adorable. Thank you so much for coming to the party and sharing your beautiful place :)



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