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dijous, 24 de març de 2011

How to cook an easy spanish "paella"!

It's very tipical to come here and eat a "paella". The paella is cooked in different forms in different provinces of Spain. I'm goig to show you the form I like. Ingredients (4 share):

- Snuff 200 gr (cut in cubes)                                 - 1 onion thin cutted
- Clams 200 gr + 10 mussels                                - 1 carrot thin cutted
- 8 Prawns                                                           - 1 medium green pepper thin cutted
- 1 medium cuttlefish                                            - 1 tomato thin cutted
- Broth of fish                                                       - 2 Garlic clove thin cutted
- Salt
- Parsley
- Rice 400 gr

Clean all fishes and shellfish
Cut the vegetables
Saut all vegetables together.
Add the fishes and shellfishes and saut too.
Add the rice and remove it.
Add the broth of fish (more than a liter).
Taste it and add salt if you want.
When it starts to boil, add the prawns and let it boil for 15 minutes. Maybe you must add more broth of fish or warm water if you don't see any liquid when you stop cooking. Let it to rest for a while and... that's all, friends!

It smells and tastes very well!!

You can add lemons too, if you like it.


2 comentaris:

  1. Hi lovely

    This recipe looks lick ya lips delish I will definately be trying it.

    Thank you


  2. Thanks you very much!!! It's really good tasted! I tried it!


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